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Litigation is an unsavory topic for anyone that has been involved. It’s defined as the process of taking legal action or the ultimate legal method for settling controversies or disputes between and among persons, organization and the State. Going through a litigation case can be expensive and arduous. At Keele Law we strive to find the most cost-effective way to advocate for our clients by using a practical and common-sense approach.

There are really three levels of litigation that we’ll discuss for a moment here; prevention, probate cases and representation.

First | Prevention

Most litigation issues can be avoided if businesses, especially small businesses, took the time to draft employment policies that clearly laid down the rights workers have. The difficulty most managers face is knowing where to begin. Having something with experience is extremely important when drafting these plans. Oftentimes a business can get a free audit of their legal practices to see if they have any holes in their legal issues. From there, the business can then write up plans and policies that will protect both the integrity of the company and the safety of its employees.

Second | Probate Cases

Probate is the legal process by which a person’s debts are paid, and assets owned by the decedent are distributed to that decedent’s heirs and beneficiaries upon death. While a probate matter may or may not have to be overseen by a court, there doesn’t need to be any formal lawsuit if the parties can agree on a course of action. Avoiding litigation when a death occurs is always going to be a better path for the parties involved. Having a loved one pass away is difficult enough without adding the stress of a lawsuit. Hiring a litigation lawyer or advocate will help both parties in avoiding unnecessary lawsuits.

Third | Representation

Lastly, if you feel you have been wronged by an employer, you need to have an advocate that can defend your interests as you traverse through the complexity that litigation brings. A good lawyer investigates the claim thoroughly to ensure that all of the information and data is accurate and a good case can be built. The next step that would be taken is pre-suit negotiations. These negotiations are held in an attempt to avoid lengthy and costly lawsuits later on. At Keele Law, our goal is to get you what you deserve in this portion of the process to facilitate a more cost-effective way of getting you what you deserve.

There are many aspects to litigation that we haven’t discussed here but are important to know. For more information or just to understand the process better click here.

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