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While every lawyer undergoes extensive study in rigorous academic settings, not all lawyers are created equally. recently revealed seven qualities to look for in a reputable lawyer. See the full article here.

  1. Experience. Finding the best attorney for your particular need can save you a lot of complications, and since there are many different fields within the law—from employment to divorce—this is vital.
  2. Understanding. You don’t just want guidance, you want the right guidance. Find a lawyer that appreciates your vision.
  3. Ability to Communicate. Many lawyers use legal jargon that is simply not understandable. Find one that will explain the terms they use.
  4. Availability. Does the attorney work around his or her schedule—or yours?
  5. Rapport. Good chemistry generally leads to better solutions. Find one you get along with and you’ll be much more at ease throughout the process.
  6. References. Don’t be afraid to ask what types of businesses or cases the attorney has worked with in the past.
  7. Reasonable Fees. Hourly charges vary based on size, location, and reputation, so shop around before you settle down. However, don’t compare based on fees alone—you still want value you can trust.
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